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Pues no se que titulo ponerle... [Jan. 16th, 2011|10:09 pm]
Pues nada...de vuelta a la normalidad...puaj...y eso que todavia no he ido.
Hoy tuve comidina con mis compis del curro...por eso escribo en espagnol...no tengo claro a quien tengo del curro en el Facebook...jo como me gusta facebook...en fins. Ha sido interesante...al menos de la chachipandi (lo siento B, te he robado el titulo) solo fue la cheerleader, que estaba de resaca y al otro lado de la mesa, porque decidi llegar un poco tarde para no tener que sentarme cerca de cierta gente.
La comida fue la cosa mas aburrida que te puedes echar, puede ser porque termine sentandome al lado de las over 50's y claro una vez que hablaron de lo que estaban haciendo sus maridos y demas, tampoco habia mas que hablar.
Lo mejor de todo es cuando una satelite de la chachipandi se vino a la hora del postre a interrogarme sobre la boda, y a ofrecerme ayuda por si necesitaba algo, no se organizando mi despedida de soltera o ayudandome a elegir el vestido, y yo flipando...en fins...creo que necesito tomar clases de diplomacia...o volver a tomarme la estafisaria y empezar a repartir cortes de manga al mundo. Igual tengo que intentar ver el bien que hay dentro de la gente y repartir felicidad por el mundo...claro que me gusta mas la idea de los cortes de manga.
Al menos hoy me he portado bien, he comido muy pocos carbohydratos, bebido mas bien poco y hecho ejercicio...dios sueno como la Bridget Jones...
En fin...esto es todo...por ahora.
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New Year, new life? [Jan. 11th, 2011|11:00 pm]
 Yes right, it is always the same...
But this year, I'm getting married...not that I've ever imagine in my life I would be saying these words...Oh God!!! So I really need to look like a hot Guaja again (not sure if ever was that hot...but at least slightly thinner)...so here is my plan of doing exercise everyday and visiting the gym that I have been paying for months in regular basis...let's see if that really really happens...but I really need to do it...I think what I'm going to do is put a photo of a very fat woman in my fridge, and food cupboards, to remind me where I can go....urrr Of course cutting down in my beloved red wine....but it is for a good cause...I hope.
Other things that I have decided is to try to be less of the worrier and the empathic that I am, especially with certain people I have to relate to in kind of regular basis, you see, you try to be nice and kind and think about those people needs even though you don't really even like them (and in other circunstances I would even think about saying hello to them in the street) and the only thing you get back is nonsense, rudeness and rubbish from them...so que les follen o mas bien las follen, (It's going to be fun to see who feels ofended about this coment...juas juas juas...people whith no clean consciences for sure)
James and I have started a mission of good karma, because usually what you give away it comes back to you one way or the other...well, James is better person than me in that sense, but since we getting married, I hope karma counts as a team effort...all of you know that I have a big wicked side, but I'll try my best to be nice to others...except the people mentioned above.
And my last mission for this year is to try to safe money...jajajajajajajajajaja, I know already that this is not going to happen...considering that on top of my wedding I have two other weddings to go to. And that me is me.

Well enough of good wills for the 2011, I must say that at least it didn't started to bad. We went to this Concert in the Garden, and despite that not all of us were crazy about the music and that the people were really wasted around us (I don't remember seen so many people collapsing due to the alcohol in all of my years of going out partying and festivals...I'm have seen pretty wasted people, me included), the company was good, Eli and Tobi were there, my future husband and a nice couple we recently meet...so it was a good moment of cheering, kissing and cuddling people. 
Then, and despite been quite reticent about it, we went to this party in a night club where a relative of James was DJing and got us some tickets. That was our first good karma action of the year, that came with inmediate reward. There was a couple of people with no tickets, so we decided to share some of ours with them, and they were with another couple that one of them was a guy from Gijon, so we started to talk and exchange numbers and so, so hopefully we'll keep in contact, and that will be nice...a friend in this place at last!!!! (god is so horrible to be so desperate....). And actually Jame's relative is very good and I really enjoyed the music despite not knowing it...that's a first.
The other good thing is that we finally we drove the car after so much snow...poor thing, how much it suffers in our hands, and at least we have found out how to stop the glass to steam up...on the trip back from the airport (sorry guys for the trip from hell that we gave to the airport...at least we make it in one piece!)
And then, I haven't been working for the last week and something, it is a bummer that I have been sick for the first one, but not been at work is always a plus.
And then probably one of the highlights of the year so far it has been this weekend in London. First of all because I got to see Vanessa and Lucrecia before both of them leave the country to carry on with their lifes, in a way it feels like the end of an era, and it has been a great era, despite the ups and downs, and I'm going really to miss them, well I'm already am, but it doesn't seem that I'm capable of convincing them to come to life with me up here....I need more ideas...hummm. It was nice as well to see again all the people that I left down there, it is nice to feel popular and missed once in a while... And it was really nice to get to know two new people, Amador and Ari...it's a shame that they are geografically in the wrong town!!! How frustating!!! Any volunteers that want to come to live up to scotland? It's very pretty and green...and it has hairy cows...I have to try....
So in general very nice the weekend...but it is very tiring to try to meet so many people in such a short time
So well, let's see what else do I have waiting for me this year...hopefully it won't be as shitty as the previous ones...I think we all deserve at least one good year where all of us are happy and with no big dramas....that or I would start to keep a proper diary, and then sell it and become rich....that's a plan.
Ok, so esto es todo amigos....where is my carrot?
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Ironias de la vida [Jan. 5th, 2011|11:18 pm]
 Pues si, me quedo de vacaciones...y me cojo un catarro de tres pares de narices!!!
Me cago en tooo!!!
En fins...que mananera de desperdiciar tres dias, al menos el viernes nos vamos a Londres. Yuuupiii!
Toi poco inspirada...debe de ser la invasion de mocos en el cerebro...en fins...a ver si magnana escribo mas.
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New Year resolution [Jan. 1st, 2011|09:28 pm]
So we are in 2011!!! 
What a year we have left behind...hopefully we won't repeat certain experiencies...
I'm intending to write some more, and elaborating a little bit what we did on New Years and Christmas...but I'm hungry, slightly hang over and I have to work tomorrow...puaj!!!!!!
I'll write soon...
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Firefly [Oct. 31st, 2006|05:05 pm]
Si, pequeñuelos y pequeñuelas, mi nueva obsesion...jajajaja
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Boda de paz [Sep. 26th, 2006|01:58 pm]
[Current Location |Casita en gijon]
[Current Music |ninguna]

Bueno, bueno bueno, aqui tengo las fotos de la boda de paz...ultimamente no hago mas que salir en bodas...
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Y ahora las fotos del baile [Aug. 2nd, 2006|01:10 pm]
[Current Location |Mi casa]
[Current Mood |y sigo sin toser...yupiii]
[Current Music |siguen las noticias, ahora los deportes]

Que hice yo la musica, recordemos...

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Mas fotos de la boda [Aug. 2nd, 2006|12:34 pm]
[Current Location |mi casita]
[Current Mood |ya no toso]
[Current Music |las noticias]

Bueno y aqui vengo con mas...vamos a comentarlas.
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Mi güelina [Jul. 23rd, 2006|12:38 am]
Creo que nunca os he enseñado fotos de ella
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Fotos de la ultima vez que fui a gijon [Jul. 23rd, 2006|12:25 am]
De cuando me regalaron la camara y habia que sacarla...
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